College Life

Campus Critters

They skitter from bush to bush.  They scamper from tree to tree. They hide when the after-class stampede of students begins. They even sun themselves on the brick walls on a warm day.

Who are they?

The campus critters, of course!

Yes, little animals like squirrels, lizards, and frogs all make their homes here. We see them almost every day but often pass by them without a second thought.  To most of us, they're just insignificant parts of campus life.

Like the flowers from one of my earlier posts, the little animals are a testimony of God's design.  They just live out their lives in the trees and bushes, probably not thinking about college life or whatever we may be worrying about.  They're not too significant to campus life, but when closely examined, they certainly remind us of the beauty of special design!  Whether it's skittering lizards or mischievous squirrels, every creature plays its own role on campus.

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