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The Sound of the Students

In the moments before chapel begins each weekday, the Crowne Centre fills with a rush of students from all over campus. As I sit in my seat, I hear thousands of voices chattering about classes, making lunch plans, and greeting friends. The bell rings, and the chatter is replaced with a brief hush, then the sound of the Doxology sung in harmony.

As I walk from class to class, I often hear several different languages spoken, sometimes by a group of students, sometimes by a student on the phone with a loved one. I hear students teaching their friends words in their native language, learning about each other.

In the Commons, it is not unusual to hear a group of students singing "Happy Birthday" to a friend. Sometimes, the song even spreads to those nearby, including everyone around in the celebration.

The crowd roars at an Eagles basketball game. Whispers break the hush of anticipation before the curtain rises on a Fine Arts production. A collegian chaplain stands before a group of girls with a message from her heart. The College Choir sings a special song in Campus Church. Friends who were strangers at the beginning of this semester encourage each other before the final exam.

Each of these is a note in the symphony that is the unique sound of PCC. All of these sounds of the student body represent our unity. We are different people, each with different backgrounds, nationalities, goals, and dreams, but we are unified as students of Pensacola Christian College.

The sound of the students is beautiful.

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