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Christmas Lights in Florida

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..."

I used to dream a lot about a white Christmas, but I moved around a lot and grew up in quite a variety of Christmases….green Christmases (Alabama), brown Christmases (New Mexico), and almost no Christmases (we were in the middle of moving)!

As kids, we used to sing that song and leave the adjective blank. It still messes up my beat to this day:

“I’m dreaming of aaaaa….uhhh....Christmas” and it would be enough to say “Christmas.” We just learned to have dreams that were a little more thankful and a little less selfish, I guess, and not worry too much what color the Christmas would turn out to be.

But I’m not here to complain about any kind of Christmas—that’s not the Christmas spirit!

Just writing to say last Tuesday was the perfect Floridian Christmas Lights ceremony!

I wasn't sure what sort of Christmas season to expect before I came to college on the Florida panhandle. Yet these past few years have brought heavy rains and glorious sunshine, brisk days and frosty gray days, and I have learned to love the beauty and variety of the wintertime here!

Christmas lights was true to the "Florida-Flavor": a wintery 50 degree evening, but it was just right for Christmas Lights in Florida.

What fall semester would be complete without our annual Christmas Lights ceremony? Our whole campus will be lit up this week as we prepare to finish up and head home for the holidays!

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