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The Library Book Sale!

I once heard that everyone is their own brand of nerd: people who are the best at math are math nerds; people who are into sports are sports nerds; those completely submerged in their own world of art are artistic nerds; and those who know everything about food are food nerds. What does that make me? A nerd-nerd, I guess.

The point is, everyone is passionate about something--something that they excel in and get excited for. Such was the case at PCC’s Library book sale last week.

The sale opened at 9, and I made the mistake of showing up at 9:01.

People loved it! As I arrived, people were rushing past me with old bound novels of Anne of Green Gables, recipe books, colorful magazines, and antique hymnbooks.

Books brought people together! That was exciting for book nerds like me.

Check out these photos of the crowds that came out for the book sale this past week!

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