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Lady Eagles at Nationals

Two weeks have passed since the Lady Eagles volleyball team returned from the NCCAA national tournament held in Kissimmee, Florida, and all of us on the team agreed that it was the perfect end to the season.

This is only the second volleyball team in PCC history to qualify to go to the national tournament, so even though we didn't necessarily win, we counted it a privilege just to be able to go. After two days of pool play, we didn't advance to the final round, bringing us in eighth place overall for the tournament.

Other than just playing volleyball, we were able to do a Christian service project for the Orlando community, representing the NCCAA with the other teams. Each school was assigned a different aspect of the project, so our team had the opportunity to help clean up an inner-city elementary school in Orlando. We washed windows, cleaned up recess areas, scrubbed desks, sorted papers, and anything else the teachers needed. It was a blessing to us as a team to be able to help out in the community there in Orlando.

Now that the season is over, we as the Lady Eagles are thankful for being able to complete another successful year of volleyball. Just give us a little bit of a break, and we'll be ready to start again for next year!

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