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Vote: Fall 2014 Photo Contest

Over the last few years, the featured photos displayed on Eagle's Nest and on the Campus Connection screens have become a special part of PCC life. Though it was hard to choose from the hundreds of beautiful photo submissions, here are the finalists for the fall 2014 photo contest.

Our five categories are On-campus Photos, Off-campus Photos, Animal Photos,  Sports Photos, and a brand new category: Sunset Photos.

The winning photo in each group will earn the distinction of “Photo of the Semester.”

Take a look through these final selections of student photos, and be sure to vote for your favorites!

Voting will be open until the end of the day on December 7.

On Campus

Jason Leem

Brianna Bourne

Sylvia Moses



Jeriah Houghton

Rachel Doak

Troy Lobdell



Karen Duke

Charity Young

Caleb Bomske



Jhony Ramirez (1)

Jhony Ramirez (2)

Raymond Lauer



Jennie Foster

Jonathan Graves

Jeremy Olson


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