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Waiting for Their Shining Moment

Over the last few weeks, I've noticed something strange happening around campus. Tiny unlit white and colored bulbs have been slowly appearing in the trees and bushes around campus! Though this might seem like the magic of overambitious holiday fairies, in reality it is the hard work of a special maintenance crew.

It's as if the lights have been trying to get our attention, at first almost unnoticeably in the low bushes on Main Drive. A couple of weeks ago, observant students noticed palm and oak trees veiled in lights. Now, even the busiest students cannot help but notice the tree-shaped decorations on top of residence hall buildings, foretelling a celebration soon to come.

The Spirit Singers and the music faculty are preparing for their Christmas Lights Sing-Along performance. The lights and sound crew are making their plans. Many people are working silently behind the scenes to bring us a wonderful Christmas Lights celebration, but for now the only evidence of the preparation is the multitude of unlit Christmas lights hiding in the bushes, waiting for their shining moment.

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