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A Trip Around the World with the Symphonic Band

On Saturday night, PCC's Symphonic Band took me on a trip around the world right in my seat!

This year's fall concert went international by celebrating traditional music from faraway countries like Spain, Italy, Israel, Russia, Greece, Norway, and even Greenland!  The concert excelled in not only showing the unique flair of each nation, but also telling different stories--whether it was a night in Athens or an opera of Italy.

But the concert was more than a showcase of world music, it also testified Christian joy in Spain's performance of "Come, Christians, Join to Sing" and the need for bringing the light of the gospel to the nations through a student-composed piece inspired by the unique day and night cycles in Greenland.  And, to top it all off, the concert ended back in America with a patriotic medley and even a blast of red, white, and blue confetti!

PCC's music groups like Symphonic Band, PCCymphony, the Handbell Choir, and the PCC Strings put on wonderful concerts every semester, and everyone is welcome to enjoy a night of good music and a memorable experience.  Music is meant to be enjoyable for all, and PCC's music groups certainly work hard to make it so.

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