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Fall Has Arrived

When fall finally makes its way to Pensacola, there's one thing that instantly comes to mind: soccer games. There's nothing like making your way to College Field with your friends with a nice hot caramel apple cider from Common Grounds Cafe and watching some quality collegian soccer games. Sitting on the top row of the bleachers, you have the perfect vantage point to see everything that happens. At this time of year, it's just cold enough at night to be able to bundle up in hoodies and coats, which always makes me feel like I'm home again.

However, I have one confession to make: I know absolutely nothing about soccer. Well, I do know the basic idea--get the ball into the goal, right? I guess there's more to it than that. . . or that's what my friends tell me at least. Regardless of how much of soccer technicalities I actually know, going to the games is one of my favorite things to do at PCC.

The playoff and league championship games for the two collegian divisions just wrapped up, determining who's going to be playing at the Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving. This year, neither of the teams from the last Turkey Bowl made it, with the Cobras and the Vikings winning their respective championships.

So even though I know minimally more about soccer now than I did at the last Turkey Bowl, I am super excited to see which collegian will come out on top and what's being planned for this year's Turkey Bowl. One thing I know for sure, it's going to be a great time!

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