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I've visited libraries for as long as I can remember.  Since the time I could walk, I've enjoyed searching the shelves for a new book to read. Here at PCC, it's absolutely no different.  In fact, I work at the Rebekah Horton Library and know every shelf from top to bottom.

The Library is a wonderful place to study and relax.  I know what some of you might be thinking–"A library? Relaxing?" Sure! Just curl up with a favorite book in between studying or searching for resources.  Five floors of books means five floors of variety on all subjects for readers.  Whether it's an adventure novel, a magazine, or a biography of your favorite person in history, the Library provides a great selection for both research and recreational reading.

The Library has not only a wonderful variety of books, but also a helpful staff who help patrons find books.  As both a patron and worker, I understand what it's like to find one book out of the more than 320,000 books we have.  Floor Assistants work hard to keep all books organized and in their proper places so you can find your favorite book.

In addition to books, the Library has a large computer lab, a Music Library where you can enjoy hymns and classical music, and even a Media Lab where you can watch educational and entertaining videos.  With a wide variety of media at your fingertips, the Rebekah Horton Library caters to readers, listeners, and viewers of all genres and interests.

So if you don't know where to find that favorite book or magazine, ask me or any other Floor Assistant, and we'll be more than happy to help you search the stacks and find just the book you're looking for!

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