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Eagle Mania…like You’ve Never Seen It Before!

I take pictures.

See, that's the thing about me. I go to a soccer game with my friends, and they all see a soccer game. I see an LCD screen. Because I take pictures.

But even the most involved taker of all picture-takers could not have missed the sights and sounds the student body witnessed at this year's Eagle Mania 2014!

I blog. See, that's another thing about me. But even the most involved blogger of all bloggers could not capture in words what jumped from the floor that Friday night; what came alive in vibrant colors, flashing shapes, and captivating sounds through the projection work of our video-design team. At Eagle Mania, we met this year’s Eagles basketball players in an entirely new light—literally.

Eagle Mania was a smashing success, and was met with a unanimous thunderous applause. Literally–smashing and thunder. The video projection had that too. Amazing!

Instead of writing, let me show you. View the highlights of this year's Eagle Mania 2014—like you've never seen it before!

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