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Keep Cool in School

With a new semester comes a new set of midterms. At midterms, the pace gets faster and the work keeps us on our toes. Yet what I have to remind myself is that midterms are only as hard as I make them. I can trust God and do my best, or I can frantically panic and stress. A wise man once told me to stay calm, stay cool, stay collected–words which I took to heart. In response to midterms, here is a short poem for both myself and anyone else who might have the "jitters."

God has promised to lead the way,

Yet fear demands a different route.

God forbid that we should stray,

But trust Him now and follow suit.

Trials arise, that is sure;

They can never be abased.

Keep strong faith in the God of Your

Help and in His mighty grace.

He will hold you through each test,

Every trial you are in.

Study hard, do all your best,

Slack not, and you will win.

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