A professional guest

Before becoming a student at PCC, I visited the campus nine times. My older brother and sister both graduated from PCC, and I loved coming to see them. . . as evidenced by my numerous visits. You could say that I was a professional guest.

I came for graduations, College Days, Thanksgiving, Easter, and even the annual Teachers Clinic. My mom is a teacher at my high school, so when there was an extra seat in the van on the way down, you can count on the fact that I was in it!

My brother and sister would always fight over whose class I would go to when I was visiting. My brother was a mechanical engineering major, and my sister was a pre-physical therapy major. I, on the other hand, am a history major who, to this day, does not have the slightest idea what was being taught in those classes. However, I thought it was great just to be with my siblings.

Although I always enjoyed going to classes, that wasn't my favorite part of visiting. Being able to eat at Four Winds or Varsity with all of my siblings' friends, hanging out at the Sports Center at night, watching Eagles games--these were the best parts of visiting. For a few days, I could pretend that I was a college student, and nobody knew the difference.

Today, I have a countdown. It's no longer a countdown of when I get to visit my siblings, but a countdown of when they come to see me. In approximately five weeks, both of my siblings will be back at PCC during the Thanksgiving College Days. This isn't the first time they've been back, though. Since graduating, they've been back to visit four times. I think I look forward to their visits even more than I looked forward to visiting them.

Turns out, maybe I'm not the only professional guest in my family!

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