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Hashtags are great, aren’t they? They’re like the 21st-century parenthesis, except you don’t have to use good punctuation, or grammar, or really any form of good English now that I thunk about it. #greatwondersofthetechnoworld #don'tevenhavetothinkwhatI'mgonnahashtag #hashtaghashtaghashtaghashtaghashtaaaggg.

Hope some of the hashtags in the title got you thinking about the all-new Common Grounds Café! I wanted to give you a little of my own perspective on it—literally, my own perspective. One hot item on the menu is the famous "Mullenix Mocha"—so named after our own Vice President, Dr. Mullenix. It has quickly become one of my personal favorites, and I thought I would just show you! Click on the video below to see a Mullenix Mocha being made!

I actually wanted to get someone drinking the coffee in the video, and then it hit me: that would mean someone else would be drinking my Mullenix Mocha—that just didn't seem to work out so well in my mind. But some things don't work out! Like pink and orange; like those collapsible outdoor camping chairs; like someone holding a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts—they don’t work out. If you want to know the truth, I did eventually get to taste my Mullenix Mocha...I know you were concerned. #coffeeisaverypersonalthing #especiallythemullenixmocha

Of course, a Mullenix Mocha is just one item on the menu. I interviewed the workers in the Café and found that the iced coffees, the gelatos, and truffles among many other items have quickly become favorites among the students. #whyisitallsoamazinglydelish #undergradprobsatpcc

But now it's your turn! If you’re a student or if you’ve visited recently, you’ve seen the new Commons, and hopefully have gone in for a look and a treat at the Common Grounds Café. So give us your perspective! Add your own #s below, and share what you’ve personally enjoyed in the new Commons at Pensacola Christian College!

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