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Road Trippin’

You're walking across campus heading to class, and you see a girl with a large book bag hanging off her shoulders. That's nothing unusual, but then you do a double-take when you realize that there is a stuffed animal peeking out of her bag. You shake your head and keep walking. Then you see another girl staggering under the weight of a book bag, duffle bag, and laptop case all piled on her back . . .and then you see a pillow clutched in her hand with a blanket stuffed in it, too.

Now, this is too much. While you continue to make your way to class, different scenarios of what these girls could possibly be doing cross your mind. Maybe they plan to take a quick nap in between classes? Maybe they're just being girls and over-packing for class?

The next time you encounter this odd sight, you can more than likely count on it being one of the Eagles volleyball or basketball players getting ready to leave for a road trip.

About five times a season, the Eagles volleyball team goes on an overnight trip to play in various tournaments. This season we've traveled all the way north to Tennessee and as far south as Orlando, Florida.

Even though missing class is sometimes difficult, traveling with the team is worth every inconvenience. Some of my favorite memories from playing Eagles volleyball have happened during road trips. Being able to spend time with my teammates while playing a sport we all love is something that I will never cease to be thankful for. Getting to eat out while we're gone doesn't hurt matters any either!

Our next road trip is October 25–26 to Jacksonville, FL. So if you see someone sprinting across campus, doubled over from the four bags she has slung across her back with a blanket flapping behind her, you can know with confidence that she is not crazy. And maybe you can even offer a word of encouragement for the upcoming trip!

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