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I went to PCC’s Dramatic Productions (DP) tryouts last week! Except I didn’t try out. I walked out on stage and took a selfie with the crowd—check it out!

Everyone you see in the background is waiting for their turn to audition for this year’s DP, “Meet me in St. Louis,” and “Tell me a Winter’s Tale.” As you can see, they were all pretty excited.

Although most everyone feels uncomfortable standing in front of people, it can be downright nerve-racking as an incoming freshman (also as a photographer). But I interviewed a few freshmen after their audition, and they have some advice for folks who may be apprehensive about trying out in the future.
Read what they said for yourself.

“The worst thing you could ever do is not try out. No matter what, you gain experience, and you meet a lot of fun people!”

“I’m an electrical engineering major! I haven’t done much theater stuff, but I’ve always thought it seemed fun. The opportunity was here, and I just wanted to try. So I did!

“Do it for God’s glory! Don’t worry about what other people think—He’s blessed you with talents; try them out on stage!”

“There is always going to be someone better than you up there—so don’t spend your time worrying about that. When I went up, others were rooting for me even though they were trying out too. Just come to have fun! Pick an audition piece you like and do your best with it. My audition piece was from a podcast!”

DP is a great opportunity for students to gain experience and get involved! Click here to read past blog pieces about Dramatic Productions on campus.

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