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If you flash backed to four years ago, you would find me begging my high school volleyball coach to take my team to a tournament. Not just any tournament, mind you–I had my heart set on going to the Eagles Classic Invitational Tournament here at PCC. We did end up coming to the tournament my senior year of high school, and it was a blast.

Now, three years later, I am a junior at PCC, and the Eagles Classic just finished up another year of the volleyball and soccer tournaments. Twelve volleyball teams and six soccer teams competed over the course of two days for the coveted first place.

On Friday afternoon, my friends and I made our way to College Field to watch the soccer teams compete for the championship. After the Heritage Christian School Patriots won the soccer championship, we headed over to the Sports Center Arena to watch the volleyball championship. The Rolling Hills Christian School Tornados ended up winning the match with the Franklin Road Minutemen coming in second. While watching the games, I was instantly transported back to my own high school days, forgetting all about my classes, grades, and everything else for a few hours. The nervous looks on some of the player's faces took me right back to when I was on the very same court with the very same expression on my face. The sounds of coaches yelling from the benches brought back the same feelings of determination that I felt on the court while in high school.

Even though I enjoy attending the Eagles and collegian games here on campus, there is nothing like high school sports. I almost, for a minute, wished I were back in high school just so I could play with my old team. Talking to my former teammates from high school, we agree that our games played at PCC were the highlight of all our years playing volleyball. Playing in a gym bigger than we had ever played in, competing against teams we had never heard of, and being cheered on by college students who came to the games made for an unforgettable tournament.

PCC will host two more high school tournaments this year for basketball and cheerleading. College students, grab some friends and head over to watch the games–you might be surprised at what you see!

As for any of you high school students who are begging your coach to bring your team to the Eagles Classic Invitational, don't let up! It will be a memory you will never forget.

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