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The Glow of a Cup O' Joe

Imagine yourself sleeping soundly, resting in the sweet embrace of  your warm bed. Suddenly, the cruel tyrant known as the "alarm clock" wakes you out of your bliss and demands your attention. You reach over to appease the blaring menace's never ending appetite for attention. You are tired, perhaps slightly irritable, but then you see it. On your dresser rests your empty coffee mug. In that emptiness lies the potential for the energetic boost you desire. You rush out of bed to brew a cup and savor every drop.

A variety of locations on campus can sate your thirst for a cup of the "black gold." I am a coffee connoisseur, and when I really need the caffeinated delight, I go to a few different places on campus.

First, is my residence hall room. There I can make a great cup of coffee with my single serve coffee maker, hazelnut creamer, and sugar. These I keep stocked up regularly. It is the easiest way to get coffee, but it means I may have to get out of bed a little earlier. After I get my cup o' joe, the sacrifice is worth it. Whatever way you brew is perfectly all right, as long as you get that delicious cup in the morning.

The second place I enjoy getting coffee is at Common Grounds Café. They make great coffee! They also have a variety of flavors of both their coffees and their additives (creamers and flavorings) to the coffee. I felt like a kid in a candy store the first time I visited there. Well, more accurate to say I was a kid in a coffee store. Oh the buttons! The vast amount of flavoring dispenser buttons made me feel like I was in an arcade! They have blueberry, cinnamon, French vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, and many more flavors! After combining  half and half creamer in a dark roast coffee, blended in with three sugars, I add hazelnut, French vanilla, and cinnamon, or Irish cream if I fancy the taste. The great thing about Common Grounds Café is that coffee can be flavored in variety of ways.

Third, I do enjoy a Four Winds or Varsity cup of coffee, but it depends on how it is made. I can be very particular about my coffee, but I do very much enjoy the fresh taste of it during lunch. Typically, I make it with two sugars and creamers. I have to get to the coffee fast, especially if I missed any of the other opportunities to get some! Tests keep me busy—I need my coffee!

I hope I have brewed a taste, one that overflows. Let your cup fill with haste, and love of coffee show!

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