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"Notes" from the Choir Loft

In the quietness of the Crowne Centre, I stand to my feet with the other choir members and open my music folder.  As the lights shine down upon us and the orchestra plays, over 100 voices join to prepare hearts for worship.

Rejoice choir is the Campus Church choir that sings on Sunday mornings and for special church events. It is an opportunity students have to minister with their singing talents along with College Choir, collegian ensembles, Spirit Singers, and Symphonic Choir.

In Rejoice, as the name implies, we sing to rejoice in God's greatness and power.  We minister to not only the Campus Church congregation but also to people around the world through Rejoice Radio and Rejoice in the Lord TV.

Anyone can join.  Curious freshmen, upperclassmen who love to sing in church, graduates, teachers—anyone who loves to use his voice for the Lord is welcome to the choir!

I remember my first day. Like many of the other choir members, I joined as a nervous freshman, unsure of what to expect and what I would have to do to join. All I had to do was sing the chorus of "Amazing Grace." That's it! I couldn't believe it.  Just one chorus line, and I was in!

Now as a member of Rejoice, I get to sing a colorful variety of songs that range from soft and thoughtful to grand and glorious.  From "God of Heaven" to "I Worship You with Songs of Praise," we sing for one purpose: to proclaim the glory of God.

And that's the best part of all.

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