A Helping Hand

I was walking along in front of the Campus Store, minding my own business. . . when it happened. All of my notebooks, my papers, and even my laptop flew all over the floor of the Commons! I did not realize that during my trek from my last class, my backpack had come unzipped. I was so embarrassed as I bent down to begin picking things up.

But just then, I heard the thud of hurrying feet as another student, whom I had never met before, rushed over to me. He asked if I was okay, then knelt on the floor with me to help put everything back in my backpack. There's no way he could have known just how encouraging his kindness was to me, or just how much I needed a smile on that day.

We all have busy lives and our own problems to worry about, but even if all we have is thirty seconds to spare and one smile to give, we can make a difference in a stranger's day. Let's all remember to be on the lookout for someone who could use a helping hand.

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