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PCC’s Mall-away-from-the-Mall!

The mall may be closer than you think, and no, it's not a new big shopping mall.

It's our own renovated Campus Store!

As part of the long, exciting Commons renovation, our former "Bookstore" upgraded in both appearance and name.  Though the newly widened entrance looks like your favorite store at the mall, it's still the same store that we know and love. But our new exterior  gives a fresh, appealing look for students who need to get project supplies, groceries, coffee, stamps, clothing, books, or gifts.  With such a wide and colorful variety, you can hardly walk out without buying something, even just a candy bar or a new pen. The new name makes a quick trip more appropriate for a vibrant campus setting!

Above all, the customer service is excellent.  At busy times like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and College Days, the workers do their best to keep the lines as short as possible.  And with the addition of the Coin-to-Card machine, the Customer Service desk is always happily busy assisting us with getting rid of the spare change piling up in our wallets. Now our spare change can go directly to our Campus Access Cards.

Our Campus Store is more than just school supplies or groceries; it's a little mall-away-from-the-mall with something for everyone!

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