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Heads or tails. Tails or heads. Tails I lose, or I flip it over and heads I win. Sometimes perspective changes the way we look at things.

This past Friday, I experienced one of PCC’s most anticipated traditions--from the flip side. It was the Greek Rush Parade, where all of PCC’s forty-eight collegians set up booths and host a parade to display all of their various merits in order to persuade freshmen to join THEIR collegian.

This year, however, instead of being a freshman eagerly running to every collegian booth trying to collect whatever free food I could, or just being a member of the crowd enjoying the parade, I joined forces with my collegian’s president and other members to put together the best booth and float on campus! As the vice-president of my collegian, I saw how everything came together logistically, and boy, collegians put some hard work into their planning! As far back as last spring, the collegian officers from each collegian worked to form the game plans for their floats and booths. Collegians’ themes ranged from the Hawks “Happy Hawk-a-days,” to the Rockets “Preparing to Launch,” to the Tigers “Bows, Pearls, and Sigma Chi Girls.” In the week prior to the parade, the collegian officers worked hard to build their floats, decorating them with everything from a Christmas tree, to a rocket, to a full sized Viking ship!

Since my collegian is the Gators, we had a beach theme for our float, complete with beach chairs, a palm tree, and even a lime green kayak perched on the top. Twenty-five girls from the Gators added to the float with their devoted cheers, earning us the Most Enthusiastic award.

The parade proved to be the highlight of the night, and it was even more exciting representing my collegian on the float. From the float, I could hear some wild noises. The Indians whooped and chanted, the Vikings cheered as they "sailed" their ship through the crowd, and the Wolves produced some A+ howling. As we made our way along the route, the crowd cheered for the different floats while we tossed candy, bags of popcorn, and even Ramen noodles to them.

After the parade ended, everyone pitched in to help clean up. The freshmen made their decisions and went back to the residence halls to choose their collegian on the Eagles Nest webpage. Finally, we all settled down, declared the night a success, and breathed a sigh of relief. It turns out, changing perspectives isn't a win-lose situation, but a win-win, because Greek Rush was a blast from the flip side too.

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