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Sublime Rhyme All the Time

Hello! My name is John, and I am a pastoral ministries major at PCC. I'm the new guy on the block when it comes to blogging, but there is one form of writing that I love, and that is poetry. I LOVE POETRY. I have been writing ever since my teen years, so in time watch for a rhyme and don't be surprised if it's sublime. Hey! That rhymed!
What I love more than poetry is my God. God, Who has given me so much, has been with me through every high and low point in my life. Christ, my Savior, is the reason I am in my field of study.
During my time as a blogger, I hope to encourage, entertain, and enlighten others into the wonderful workings of God upon this campus. Sometimes I might even post my own poetry—so watch for me to show it, because, after all, I'm a poet.

Signing off,

Your friendly campus poet

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