College Life

Kicking Off the New Year!

On Saturday night, students dispersed to every corner of campus, excited for fun, fellowship, and maybe even food!

Why? Collegian Kickoff Meetings!

Kickoff Meetings are more than just our Wednesday collegian meetings; these are special times of getting to know our brand new members!  Some collegians play crazy games to introduce their new members.  Some even give out free food.
My collegian, the Mustangs (Sigma Delta Rho), played a fun game that helped introduce the new freshmen and make them feel welcome in their new little family. We were especially excited about getting little snack bags at the end of the meeting. After the excitement of Greek Rush recruitment and an amazing parade, the Kickoff Meeting was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each new member one by one.

Students, what do you remember most about your first Collegian Kickoff Meeting?  Share your memories in the comments below.

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