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My heart pounds. My heightened senses feel a drop of sweat roll from my forehead and plummet to the ground. Background noise becomes muted as my attention focuses on one object: a white, blue, and yellow striped volleyball. As I faintly hear the whistle shrill from the official's stand, I make a calculated toss of the ball. Stretching my arm into the air as far as it will go, I whisper a prayer and contact the ball. It shoots from my hand, across the court, over the net, and hammers into the ground on the opponent's side of the court. ACE! The crowd erupts into celebration as the PCC Lady Eagles volleyball team wins the national championship!

Okay, okay, so maybe that particular scenario resides only in my daydreams. But I do play volleyball for the Lady Eagles, and I am one of the latest additions to the Campus Post Blogging Team!

My name is Carrie, and I am a junior history major from Flat Top, WV. I love to play sports, read, attend our Eagles athletics games, go on adventures with my friends, and try new activities. I hope to share some of these experiences with you through the Campus Post, so let’s enjoy the journey!

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