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The Smell of Crayons

I was one of those children who was always excited for school to start in the fall. Sure, I loved the warm days and ice cream nights of summer, but I also loved learning, my teachers, and my friends. My favorite part of a new school year, however, was the distinctive smell of a brand-new box of crayons.

I remember the long-awaited shopping trip with my mother when I would get to make important decisions like what color my lunchbox would be that year. (It was always purple or pink.) I would go home with my treasures and line them up neatly on the floor of the living room: pencils, pens, paper, erasers, and that yellow box of pristine new crayons.

As the school year went on, the pencils would be sharpened down to nubs, the pen caps lost, the erasers used until they fell apart, and eventually even the crayons would succumb to the pressures of time and morph into a regular old box of broken colored wax.

As college students, sometimes we forget the excitement that once was the first days of school. Just as my school supplies went from special and new to old and ordinary, so do our experiences as students until we find ourselves dreading the start of another semester.

When you look at the notebooks, pens, and pencils that you just started using for classes, don't associate them with a chore to be done or ordeal to be endured. Each pencil can fill a notebook with knowledge that will shape your future. There's no reason to forget the joy of learning--even if you have to buy a new box of crayons to remind yourself.

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