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PCC or Bust

I LOVE road trips. It’s fun to get into the car and just drive and enjoy all the beautiful scenery on the way. Why don’t y'all hop into my car, and we can go on one together. Where are we going, you might be wondering? Well, that’s the best part!

We are on a trip to Pensacola Christian College. I personally take it every year at the end of summer and at the end of Christmas break. I load up and head out on the four-day trip from Oregon down to sunny Pensacola, Florida. It's the highlight of the end of my summer because I get to go across the country, see some awesome sights, and eat a lot of fast food, maybe a little too much… Oh well--it's only twice a year!

I get excited to go back because I get to see all my friends, and to be honest, my summers kind of drag toward the end, so I’m happy to get back into the routine of classes. During the summer, I miss all the chapel messages and hearing Pastor McBride preach. I miss getting to go on Christian service again as well: we get many chances to go on those because there is such a variety! There are also so many other activities I look forward to such as the different Fine Arts concerts and plays and hearing all the talented music students sing and play their instruments. Yeah, there’s quite a bit of fun that goes on during a semester.

We're almost there. I can see our exit! Okay, some last-minute advice before we get there:

  • Find your niche. There are so many ways to get involved in a variety of things on campus.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed! It will all start becoming familiar with time.
  • Find a solid group of friends, and you will have a wonderful time.

We're finally here! All right, it was nice traveling with you. Have a great semester!

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