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That Day My Family Took Over the Campus

My family has a dog and a cat and a million brothers and sisters.

We all have sort of medium brown hair and can keep a tune most of the time, and our favorite food is plain old spaghetti, especially if it involves meatballs, and especially if there are meatballs left by the time the bowl is passed down the line.

In black and white, that sounds pretty ordinary. But there was nothing ordinary about one weekend this past semester, when they came for a visit at Pensacola Christian College. Try to imagine this picture for a moment:

All is tranquil as Friday afternoon settles upon the campus. A bird nests in the crook of the old oak blooming with spring. The Campanile gently tolls the hour. Two students chuckle, books in arms as they make strides toward class.

BAM. A white 15-passenger van pulls up, and ten people pile out, breaking the silence. PCC meets Anna Grace's family.

Well, they stayed for the weekend, and we had a blast! I was surprised to see the way our campus catered to such a range of ages. The little ones enjoyed the Sports Center and the swimming pool, and the older ones were able to visit a few classes and browse through our display areas. Some of their highlights were hitting the white sands of the Florida gulf and ravaging the Four Winds dining hall food.

I wasn't sure what would happen with my big amazing family coming to visit me, but I'm glad they did, and I was overwhelmed to see students and faculty reaching out to them and watching each of them enjoy so many different things about the campus that I'd nearly forgotten about. I would encourage all families to come, whether you have a student here or not, and see the benefits of Pensacola Christian College!

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