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So many students dread the thought of participating in a college speech class; in fact, some dread it so much that they wait until their last year of college to take it. The mere mention of the word "speech" produces stomach butterflies, a splitting headache, an achy body, and a dry throat. What is it about the thought of taking a speech class that scares students? I think they don't really know what the class is like.

Remember the first time you tried your mom's newest casserole? It looked kind of funny, smelled kind of funny, and maybe it even had a funny name. You didn't want anything to do with it . . . until you tasted it and realized how delicious this odd casserole could be! More often than not, I hear of students who adopt this sort of attitude toward speech class. Speech may look scary on paper, but the class is actually not that bad; for some it's actually fun. Gasp!

My friends and I loved watching speech after speech being performed by so many different personalities. When the most timid person in the class gets up and screams in character at the top of his lungs, my day is made. Speech just brings the fun out of people. When my friends would make mistakes, we were such a close-knit group that no one lost sleep over it!

Even though I'm a senior now, I still say hello to people from my freshman speech class; it's amazing that they even remember me. We laughed together and cried together on those sunny (or rainy) Florida days of long ago. I remember humorous monologues, heart-wrenching poetry, and the innovative impromptus. The speeches are through and the grades are recorded, but the memories live on. SP 101 was definitely loads of fun.

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