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My Team, My Friends

Team . . . it's such a broad term for a unified group of people with an extremely specific goal. Every team is different, and they come in many "shapes" and "sizes." For me, it was a singing group, but for you it may be something else. There are teams for collegian sports, group class projects, and basically any other people-oriented function represented on campus. You may even consider a group of student body officers or class officers to be a team. Why, my fellow bloggers and I can be considered a team!

For me, an opportunity came in the form of traveling on one of PCC's Proclaim Ministry Teams all last summer. Let me just begin by saying that it's kind of impossible NOT to get to know people extremely well after traveling with them for twelve or more back-to-back weeks in a fifteen-passenger van stuffed with suitcases, sound equipment, and pillows. Personalities, interests (or the lack thereof), and opinions became all too real and personal between my team of seven and me . . . and the result was a wonderful experience. I absolutely loved the journey, and even more, the friends I made along the way.

On audition day, I had no clue what God wanted with my summer (or with my life for that matter), but I knew that God had given me a desire for ministry; I knew I needed to get involved in His work in some big way. From day one, many of the other Proclaim members were new to me, and in many ways I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I'm just so thankful I did, because today my teammates (I've now had fifteen!) are some of my best friends.

No matter what kind of team you happen to be a part of, your teammates can seriously become your greatest friends. That's why it's so important to get involved. Do something! Whatever the interest, there is a group of individuals out there for you . . . a "team" missing out on your presence (if you want to look at it that way). They will love who you are and appreciate what you have to offer. Let your teammates become some of your best friends (and you may not even have to cram into a fifteen-passenger van to get to that point).

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