My Roommates, My Friends

Louis, Colton, Josh, Stephen, Norman, Mitch, Garrett, Sam, Will, Blake—just ten awesome roommates who have become my friends over four years of college. No big deal. The cool thing is . . . I didn't even have to seek them out; their friendship was like a package deal. The roommates come with the room, and that's all there is to it. I never knew that being "stuck" in rooms 1106, 1112, and 6310 for what I thought would seem like forever could lead vastly different people into life-long friendships.

I remember the moment I stepped into my first room as a terrified freshman and met Louis. He was so welcoming and encouraging, but I dropped my bags off and briskly walked back to the car where my mom was waiting. "I can't do this," I told her. My mom assured me (as always) that my roommates would be awesome--I just needed to give them a chance--and I'm so glad I did. Looking back, my first response was absurd. What was I scared of?

At the beginning of my third year at PCC, I took my freshman roommates to dinner. When introducing them to some friends from my church, I made a HUGE mistake. "These are my roommates, Mitch and Garrett." They just stared at me waiting for more of an explanation. "Oh, they're my friends, too." I laughed so hard. To this day, they remind me that "we were just roommates, not friends." If I even tried to explain the crazy fun that went on in that room, you'd be on the edge of your seat for hours. (Don't worry guys, your "secrets" are safe with me.)

Honestly, the residence hall life isn't easy to explain, because everyone's story is different. I'm so thankful for the roommates that I've gotten. They've become some of my best friends, and I'm sure the same is true for many others who have stepped onto the campus of PCC. Roommates can be awesome. If you haven't had them yet, don't fret: the best is yet to come. If you're nearing the end of college life, don't forget to let your roomies know that you're thankful for them.

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