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Tropical jungle, bugs, dangerous animals, snakes, and so much more--this is what I imagined a mission field would be like. Last summer, I had the opportunity to experience the mission field for two weeks in the country of Romania. It blew my mind! (Background: my parents were born in Romania, and I had the opportunity about 8 years ago to visit my family there, but I don't remember much.)

Our mission team was made up of thirteen people, headed up by Coach Mark Goetsch and his wife, who serve at PCC. We were one of many teams of PCC students who served the Lord all over the world last summer.

We had the chance to serve at a children's camp. This camp was up in the mountains, and while we had most of the comforts of home, we did have some interesting experiences such as the food and the new culture. What stuck out to me the most were the cold showers. Yes, that's right, they actually shower with icy cold water. It made me realize how much of a blessing we have here in the States with warm running water.

While the showers took a little getting used to, I quickly realized what the whole trip was about. It was not about us being comfortable but about serving the children! The kids made it worth it all! We got to give Bible lessons, lead game time, and just overall enjoy the opportunity to get to know them. This trip made a lasting impression in my life, and I can't wait to go back.

Now the question is, how about you? Every summer, many PCC students go out all over the world--literally all over the world!--to spread the gospel. I was a bit hesitant at first myself, but the more I thought about it, the more excited I became.

Go out and have your own experience...and yes there might even be snakes or cold showers, but it is always worth it for the cause of Christ. Pray and believe that the Lord will use you this summer!

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