Summer Preparation

Summer: now that's one of my favorite times of the year. First of all because there is no school, and second, it's a time to relax. One thing that I have learned is that summer is a great time to prepare. I have had the opportunity to get involved in so much during the summers.

  • Being a camp counselor helped me realize how to truly have a servant's heart, and I gained a lot of people skills dealing one on one with kids.
  • I worked a good amount of hours in the summer as well. This taught me solid work ethic. Being in school and working can be hard sometimes, but if you have the right positive mindset, it gets a lot easier.
  • One last way I got to prepare for college is by taking summer courses. PCC students, did you know that you can take extra PCC classes in the summer beginning after your freshman year? I took American Literature. It was nice having the opportunity to get ahead in my course work. I would highly recommend taking at least one summer course because it keeps your mind in the learning mode.

There are many ways to use the summer to prepare for both college and life. There is always time to relax and just take a break in the summer, but there is also a lot of free time to invest in your future. Take time this summer to build yourself up in areas that will benefit you in the upcoming school year.

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