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A Graduating Senior

Yes, that's right: I'm a graduating senior at PCC. The years have blown by, and it's crazy how fast it went. From freshman status to senior status, four years surely do fly by! When I look back at the years, there are many things that I remember: good times with friends, sports, activities, and much more. However, I want to tell you about one aspect of PCC that truly had an impact on me.

Discipleship--that is the word I would use to describe my four years. From the very first day I stepped on campus, there were already people investing in my life. Staff members became my friends and helped me along and gave me advice. They were there for me when I needed them. Faculty--through their lessons in class, through their heart for teaching, and by investing their time into us students--really were an encouragement. If we ever needed help with anything, their doors were always open.

Students also helped disciple me and left a big impression on me. Regular, average, everyday students helped shape my life. All it would take would be a word of encouragement letting me know they were praying for me. During challenging times, they were there to help lift me up and be a blessing in my life. Through that experience, I learned to do the same with others. You can have an impact on so many people's lives while you're a student here. It all starts with one person.

I'm thankful for all my years here, but I am most thankful for the discipleship that I received as a student here at PCC.

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