Software Expo

Demonstrating the programs at the expo

Demonstrating the programs at the expo

Some people are extremely blessed. I mean, all of us are blessed. If you are a child of God and you are living obedient to His Word, you know that you are blessed.

But whew! I mean, some people are blessed with things like "being-good-at-everything" skills and "knowing-just-about-everything" skills and "not-being-awkward-every-chance-they-get" skills.

There was some phenomenal talent going on at the Software Engineering Expo. If you saw this orange sticker around advertising the event, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

And if you went, you got to see a couple of computer programs designed by students right on campus studying software engineering!

GroupGRANTOne website, groupGRANT, was designed to bring together donations to better channel them toward charities, similar to the Fundly crowdfunding program you may be familiar with. This helps groups work together to raise money rather than doing it alone.

aditAnother website, adit, was designed to better organize and calculate the information and paperwork for our Professional Selling class.

Software Expo studentsI think about the things I've personally designed on the computer: an email; glasses and mustaches on my brother's senior photos; a circle and three squares on Microsoft Paint. And though I do fully expect to see those on display in some future expo somewhere someday, I was blown away by the work from the Software Engineering seniors of 2014.

It was neat to see them all using their skills right now to benefit those around them as well as the programs right here on campus!

Software Expo team and teacher

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