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Mission Run Tonight!

Run is a very multi-purpose word.

We have runs for fundraisers; we have runs for the legislature; we have runs in our socks—and we "make a run" for our money.

We have noses that "run" and minds that "wander," and bloggers who write puns about runs, and that's no pun.

Tonight gives the word run a definition which has created a buzz across campus for the past two years.

PCC's annual Mission Run gives students and faculty the opportunity to run to make a difference in the world around them--what a fantastic and unique opportunity!

Few who were here could forget last year's Mission Run to "Make a Difference" and the way the student body worked together to raise money for two overseas missionaries.

This year's mission run we are "Redeeming the Time" to raise money to print Bibles and the campus is alive and unified with the excitement of putting our efforts together. I know that I, for one, cannot wait to take our mission this year and "run with it" tonight!

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