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Our Year: To "Summit" All Up

I stood in line to pick up my Summit. This is always an exciting event for me; however, I apparently wasn't as excited as the college freshman next to me experiencing the joys of a yearbook for the first time . . . in her life! The girl beside me squealed in what I guessed was delight as a friendly student handed her the book. "My first yearbook!" she informed me. "I can't believe I finally own a yearbook. I'm going to have everyone sign it."

As she walked away, I couldn't help but smile. I've gotten a yearbook every spring since I was in third grade! Nevertheless, her joy in the simple pleasure of getting her first yearbook had rubbed off on me. I opened my Summit to the first page and began to reminisce about the year. God has blessed me tremendously, and He continues to bless me as each semester glides by.

The 2014 PCC Summit will be passed out tomorrow, and I'm more excited than ever to take a look at what's inside. I'm interested not only to glance through the pictures but also to reflect on the goodness God has shown in and through each area of our campus life. The pages are full of more than just memories; they are a reflection of God's provision. Turn to any page, and perhaps you'll see it, too. God's hand has definitely blessed Pensacola Christian College.

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