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Senior Party

Photo by Jack Dulaney

It's been a long but good four years. Well, we might as well celebrate! That's exactly what the seniors had the opportunity to do recently. We all came together in the Sports Center and played games, hung out, and--most importantly--we had some delicious chicken wings. That description barely scratches the surface! Let me immerse you into the experiences we had.

We walked in to the Sports Center arena and were given numbers. These numbers helped us break up into teams for the photo scavenger hunt. We took silly pictures, and whoever was the most creative with the five categories won a gift card! That was definitely something that I will always remember, maybe because there's photo evidence... On top of that we went bowling, played volleyball, ice skated, and played many more games.

But here's the best part of the whole night, for me anyway:


Photo by Jessica Ashley

What is it, and how do I ride it? That's what I was thinking when I first stepped onto a Segway! That's right: Dr. Shoemaker gave us use of the college's Segways, and it was so much fun! Once I got the hang of how to control it and go forward, I loved it!

Photo by Jessica Ashley

Overall it was a very fun and memorable night. The chance to celebrate with the senior class was a blessing. I'm excited to see where God places us all in the future and was thankful for a night set apart to fellowship before the commencement of our future careers.

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