More than a Teacher

During my freshman year, I was in a Principles of Drawing class. This was the first art class I ever took. And, while I thank God for the principles I learned in that class, I thank Him even more so for my teacher. She did a wonderful job, and we all learned so much. I haven't had her as a teacher since, but I stop and talk to her almost every time I pass by her.

Drawing class

My Principles of Drawing Class

I recently got to go to her art show. I had been waiting for her show since that first semester. Often times I feel like we just see our teachers as teachers, but all of them are also masters at whatever it is they're teaching. It may be easier to see that within the art department, because you can see it with your own eyes through their artwork. But, nevertheless, take advantage of all the smart people around you and all the knowledge they're just waiting to share.

"Ladybug in Graphite"

My second full value scale drawing ever -- drawn and rendered in my Basic Principles of Drawing I class. "Ladybug in Graphite."

Get to know your teachers. They know so much more than they can fit within their lectures, so don't limit them. If you have questions, ask! All the teachers here truly have the heart of a teacher. They want to see us grow and learn. It's hard not to notice their heart when you talk to them. Like my drawing class teacher, I get so much more out of the classes I'm taking when I get to know the teacher better.

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