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My First Time Meeting Pastor McBride

My study buddy, Katie, and I have made a habit of sitting on the brick wall outside the Commons on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the weather is nice. We enjoy soaking up the beautiful Florida sunshine, catching up with each other, and people-watching as others go check their mailboxes and make their way between classes and the residence halls. On occasion people will stop and talk with us, like our friend Tim who typically comes and sits with us for a little bit, or my roommate Anna who always walks by on her way back to the residence hall from lunch. However, the other day we had an unexpected visit from someone especially well-loved here at PCC.

It was a beautiful day outside; Katie and I were just sitting there like we usually do. The sounds of the Commons construction were heard in the background as we sat looking through old pictures on our phones and sharing them with one another--that was, at least, until Pastor McBride walked up and started talking to us. I was a bit nervous at first to be talking to Pastor McBride, but he talked with us as if we had known each other for quite a while. He first pointed out to us how beautiful the weather was, and we talked about that for a little bit. And then we moved on to talking about the new Commons and about Bible Conference. I was amazed at how personable Pastor McBride is and felt so honored that he was taking time out of what I’m sure is a very busy schedule for him, to just stop and talk with some random college girls.

Later that day, as I thought back on our chat with Pastor McBride, I realized it was not so significant because of what he said, but rather what he did. He approached us, he just stopped and talked, he was friendly and personable, and he probably had dozens of other things to do, but he didn’t seem in a rush. He took time out of his busy schedule to talk with me and Katie. Truly “actions speak louder than words,” and from his actions it is evident that Pastor McBride is a very sweet and sincere campus pastor who cares about his student body!

Have a story to tell about some way that Pastor McBride made an impact on your life? Comment below and share it with the rest of us!

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