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I flung open the door to my room, flicked on the main light, and dropped my backpack in the corner by the door. Nothing could phase me; I was in my own little world. I grabbed my iPad and began to study some notes when in walked Alex. "Ah, that's right. College Days is here," I remembered.

"Hello," the greeting came out so naturally. "I'm Troy, and you must be our guest for these next few days. This is your bed so just make yourself comfortable." His uneasy expression turned into a smile, and we were able to chat for at least half an hour. I had class next, and my new friend was excited to go with me. "This is what College Days is all about," I thought.

Pensacola Christian College is always ready for visitors on campus, but a special welcome is extended toward guests who visit for College Days. The campus is abuzz with normal student life; however, there are plenty of extra activities for guests to experience as well. Prospective students can visit classes, have fun in the Sports Center, take student-led tours, and participate in exciting, informative events like "Fun Night."

While prospective students can visit campus any time of the year, College Days is a great time to come and see exactly what God's doing at PCC. What better way is there to check out PCC than to visit for yourself? I know that for me, such a trip was completely worth it!

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