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Maybe you are like me in that the hum drum continuation of normal life feels monotonous at times. You wake up thinking that it's just another morning; at night you realize it's just another chance to sleep. Your schedule consists of just another class, just another meal, and just another visit to the library for studying. You may have seen this post and mumbled, "It's just another post."

Unfortunately, every new day may begin to feel like an endless repeat of the previous days; you wake up, get ready, head to class, go to chapel, eat lunch, have more classes, and on the schedule goes. As far as you know, the next day will continue on in this never ending pattern. "What is the point?" you think to yourself as you brush your teeth for the 21,520th time. Right now, it would be so easy to give up.

Pastor McBride addressed this reality to the student body last semester in one of his chapel messages. The admonition was to persevere; basically, keep on keeping on even when life feels static and monotonous. God has a way of using people who are daily diligent in the tasks set before them. For us college students, that's classes and homework. In our future, that will be work and our families.

We all have times when the everyday duties of life feel monotonous; the true test of your character is how you deal with those times. I personally challenge myself to remember God's goodness and focus on Him throughout my day. It's good that some things seem monotonous; otherwise, we wouldn't be able to recognize the extra special days that God brings. It's diligence in the things of Him that will allow God to use me and you in a great way for His glory. Remember, we have one life to live for our Savior!

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