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Lunch With Jesus

One day when I was in high school, my father, who was the pastor of my church, took me out to a restaurant for lunch. A little girl from our church was eating with her grandmother at the same restaurant and saw my father and me together. She asked her grandmother, “Grammy, is Sara having lunch with Jesus today?” In her young mind, she had confused her pastor for Jesus.

She knows the difference between the preacher and Jesus now, but I have recalled her statement many times. Over the years, it has been a challenge to me to be the kind of person that would have lunch with Jesus.

Most college students eat with friends, but we can occasionally find ourselves alone at the Varsity or Four Winds. When we do, do we allow our minds to wander through the events of the day and the stresses of life, or do we take advantage of the time to talk to the Friend who never leaves us?

The Lord is always with His children. We never have to feel alone, because we can talk to Him any time.

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