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Beach and Bible Conference

I stand in awe of the fact that a God who created such a beautiful sunrise also created me! The vibrant colors, the way the sun reflects off the gentle rolling waves, the cool sand in the morning, the gentle breeze--these all speak of the detail and thought God put into creating the world around us. And to think that the God who created all of this cares for me and you!

As college students, it’s easy to get so caught up in finishing that next project or hanging out with friends that we sometimes forget to stop and enjoy the simplest things around us, like the sunrises, for example.  I had gotten into this rut where I go throughout the day and forget to “stop and smell the roses” as the saying goes, but on the opening night of Bible Conference, I was challenged by Dr. Mike Monte to take time to stand in awe of God and His creation. So I did! My roommates and I got up early Thursday morning of Bible Conference, 6:15 to be exact, and drove down to the beach for a sunrise. The lost sleep was absolutely worth it! It was so nice to take time to just bask in the creation of our awesome God!

As I was standing there, overwhelmed by the beauty of God's creation, I could not help but thank God for the gorgeous sunrise and for giving us the ability to stand on the beach and see it. Taking Dr. Monte's advice and taking time to enjoy what God has made focused my mind on Christ and helped prepare my heart for the following Bible Conference services.

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