The Ministerial Dream

This year's Bible Conference at PCC was such a big blessing. Not only did we get to hear great messages from men of God, but we were also inspired to go out into the world and make our mark.

During the Wednesday night meeting, all the ministerial men were in the choir loft. They had been practicing a song to sing for all those attending. I am not a ministerial student, but I am taking one of the preaching classes, so I was able to sing with them as well. (Why? I will explain a little later.) Seeing the men next to me singing out with all their hearts showed me their passion for ministry and service. As ministerial students in training, they watched these ministers of God preach, and I couldn't help but imagine these students dreaming about their future ministries. Their goal for attending PCC is to train so that one day they may serve to their fullest capacity in whatever field God places them in, and maybe one day they'll travel the country preaching just like our speakers during PCC's 2014 Bible Conference.

So the question: why is a Criminal Justice major taking ministerial classes?

I like trying new things. I don't know for sure God's plans for my life in the future, but if I ever get to speak in church or chapel, or give a devotional, I would like to be prepared to effectively communicate God's Word. If He ever calls me to any aspect of ministry in the future, it's nice to know I can fall back on the ministerial classes I took and will be prepared.

Your major doesn't limit you to just a core set of classes. If you have room in your class schedule, try something new! Add that class that you have been curious about, even though it might not be part of your major. Learn all that you can learn so that you may be all that you can be.

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