Friends, Fellowship, and Focus

I tend to be dramatic about certain areas of my life. When I enjoy something, I find myself really loving it. When I dislike something, I find myself absolutely despising it. In theater this is a good thing, because as my director stated in one of our Fine Arts rehearsals a few years ago, "Your character must be sold out to either love or hatred. Anything in between is utterly boring to the audience."

I love acting and singing and traveling and drinking coffee and talking to people. Ask me about one of these areas in my life, and I'll most likely get extremely excited to share with you. College is another one of these exciting topics for me, and it should be! After all, college changed my life.

In an effort to share with you some joys I've experienced while attending PCC, I've developed some of my thoughts into the following three categories: friends, fellowship, and focus. This, my friends, is why PCC is special to me.

The students, faculty, and staff at PCC are friendly and encouraging. I love being in an atmosphere where I not only learn skills to use for Christ, but I also get to learn these skills alongside those who have similar goals. As an encouraging example, many of my teachers ask me what they can pray for (especially when they notice that I'm not as upbeat as usual); they care about how I'm doing both inside and outside the classroom. I think it's also cool how many different kinds of people are represented in the student body. From international students to the familiar Floridians, it's a love for Jesus Christ and knowledge for His service that bind the student body together.

The daily life we get to experience with these great new friends provides for life-long memories and solid Christian relationships. As I've said before, there are so many opportunities around campus to get involved. Audition for a play. Brush up on those tennis skills. Join a student choir. Attend a collegian outing. Find time to catch up with other believers in an environment conducive to spiritual growth. It's great sitting at dinner in Four Winds and hearing stories from my friends about what they learned in chapel. Only a few days ago, Pastor McBride challenged the student body to build stronger testimonies for the Lord. As my friends choose to let God work, I am blessed as well.

The student body is constantly reminded that the goal and purpose of Pensacola Christian College is to promote excellence in service for Jesus Christ. This campus is a great place to be challenged and equipped both academically and spiritually; it's the focus on a balanced Christian life that has made my experience at PCC so special. Chapel and church services occur regularly, and preachers from all over the country share with the students what God has laid on their hearts. Often times, the messages are exactly what I personally needed to hear.

While there are so many reasons to be excited about what God's doing at PCC, these three areas give just a glimpse of God's goodness on this place. God is working, and I'm praying that He continues to do so through my Christian friends, strong fellowship, and the right focus.

The thoughts and opinions expressed in Life in the Nest are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Pensacola Christian College.
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