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Spring Cleaning

With White Glove completed and less than ten weeks left of school, our residence hall rooms should be sparkling clean and ready for the use (or abuse) of busy college students. These rooms have a fresh start. They're cleaner than ever! Whatever happened to them between the opening meetings and now no longer matters; what matters now is how these rooms will be treated until Commencement.

Examine the room, and you'll find that change is obvious. Clothes no longer lie in a giant heap in the corner by the bed. Dust no longer sits above the textbooks from semesters gone by. The bathrooms, closets, and desks all look orderly and unused. Each room has definitely changed . . . and so can YOU.

Our residence hall rooms aren't the only places that need a fresh start mid-semester. If you really think about it, our hearts often need cleaning, too. What are the decisions you made for Christ in the past? Think about it. Bible reading, time in prayer, and many other key areas of the spiritual walk can easily be skipped over in the busyness of college life. Are you personally staying true to the Lord this semester?

You don't have to wait until the summer or a new semester to get your life back on track. You can start fresh now! Just as White Glove cleans rooms, Jesus Christ can and will clean your heart if you let Him. The greatest part of your semester lies ahead if only you'll make an effort to do a little spring cleaning.

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