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Enjoying White Glove

Who says White Glove has to be laborious and dull? Not me!!! Here are some suggestions that will make the next time you White Glove-clean your room enjoyable:

1. START EARLY to avoid feeling rushed. Having enough time will keep your night from becoming stressful.

2. OFFER TO HELP your roommates with their jobs if you finish early. Show some brotherly/sisterly love!

3. BOND WITH YOUR ROOMMATES. Roommates are a real blessing. Allow this night to draw you closer together. White Glove is a great time to get to know each other better and have fun.

4. THINK OF THE BENEFITS of a clean, organized room. Everything gets put in its place, which is always nice. Also, everything gets disinfected. It’s so much more enjoyable to clean when you can see the light of benefits at the end of the tunnel.

5. MAKE MEMORIES. We made memories in my room and suite this past White Glove. Toward the end of the allotted time for White Glove, the bathroom floor wasn’t quite done. Almost without even mentioning it, everyone that was available jumped in and started scrubbing. It was cool to see everyone helping everybody when it came down to crunch time!

So, have fun! Memories you make on White Glove night will be one thing you take with you when you leave college. Finally, work hard! It’s just one night, and all our rooms need to be cleaned anyway. You know they do!

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