What Was That New Year’s Resolution?

It’s mid-February! What? Where has time gone! The older I get, the faster it feels time goes by. Weren’t we just ringing in the new year yesterday?

With a month and a half of 2014 already completed, I have a question to ask you: “So what about that New Year’s resolution?” I know some of you are excellent at sticking to your New Year’s resolution, and props to you! Keep going strong! But if you are anything like me, you probably had some pretty grandiose New Year’s resolutions and then two weeks later could hardly remember what those resolutions were.

I remember one time in high school I made the New Year's resolution to not drink any carbonated drinks for an entire year. I was going strong, with the whole month of January under my belt, when suddenly, I messed up! After playing an entire basketball game with no water bottles, everyone on my team was dehydrated. So when the team stopped on the way home to get some food, my friend got her drink (soda) and offered it to me. Without a thought about that resolution, I readily took a drink. Needless to say, that New Year's resolution was destroyed.

Thankfully, with every month and each and every day, we get a fresh start to work on those resolutions. So what was your New Year’s resolution? Maybe it was to get better grades this semester? Join a new ministry? Be a better friend? Or even find a new job! Whatever it was, through God's strength, are you sticking to it?

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