My First-Person Missions Conference Experience

Don't trip and don't pass out. These were the words going through my head as I was getting ready to take part in the Parade of Nations. (I had the privilege of representing the country of Romania in the parade--my parents were born there.) We had practiced many times for this moment, but I still felt very nervous. Thankfully, I didn't trip or pass out. Once the service started, I finally calmed down. Everything went smoothly, and I was thankful for the experience.

If you don't know what the Parade of Nations is, let me give you a quick summary. Students here from all different nations get to wear their traditional cultural outfits and carry their nations' flags to begin the PCC Missions Conference. This parade was an excellent way to start off our conference because it set the spiritual mood. Seeing all the flags and the nations they represented really helped me understand better the number of missionaries serving on the field. I was surprised to see the many countries that still need someone to bring the gospel and the good news of Christ's love to the lost.

I got to meet so many new people and learn about their cultures. Just before the parade, we all had a time of prayer in small groups, everyone praying in his own language. It was such a blessing to be able to do that. I didn't know what they were saying, and they probably didn't understand what I was saying, but the Lord knew every single word that was said in those prayers.

The memories I made and the people I have met during Missions Conference will always be a precious memory in my heart, and I am thankful that I was given this opportunity.

If you ever get the chance, I want to encourage you to sign up for a missions trip and experience what it is like serving in a different culture. I promise you that it will affect your outlook on life. Pray and ask the Lord where He would want you to be a blessing and a help.

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